Griot’s Garage One-Step Car Paint Sealant

Which is the best product from griot’s garage?

Another great product from Griot’s Garage, and this one really is exceptional. I have tried many of the latest "ceramic" spray sealants on the market over the past year or so. This is, in my opinion, the best one on the market. Easy to apply, easy to buff off, great scent, no streaking.

Can you use griot’s garage ceramic 3 in 1 wax?

I applied it over a ceramic coating that was 4 years old. Would they buy this item again? Yes I used this product on my new RAV4, It goes on easy and comes off easy and has great gloss and water beading capabilities.

How to create a home griots garage account?

Creating a new account is quick and easy. Your basket is empty. Your basket is empty. In Stock and Ready to Ship!! Buy Now!!!! In Stock and Ready to Ship!! Shop Now! NEW G8 3” Random Orbital Polisher!! In Stock and Ready to Ship!!

Can You Spray griots wax on a wet car?

Griots has a product that is a drying aid and you can spray it on a wet car to shine it as you dry, THIS IS NOT IT! I got marks that I had to really scrub with Speed Shine to remove.


In just one step, you can polish your vehicle’s paint to a glossy shine and protect it for up to one year. This auto paint sealant will remove light swirl marks and other minor imperfections. It does this by bonding with the paint and enhancing its appearance, making it look wet and glossy.

If you don’t have time to polish your car every time you wash it, this is the product for you. It is also the ideal product if your car is left outside for long periods of time and needs protection. You will find it very simple and quick to apply and just as easy to wipe off. It will stand up to oxidation and carries on working for months.


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