Greenworks 6.5A Corded Pole Chain Saw

What kind of chainsaw chain does GreenWorks use?

Greenworks 18-Inch Replacement Chainsaw Chain 29152 18-Inch chainsaw chain for GreenWorks chainsaws Compatible with GreenWorks chainsaw model 20332 Compatible with GreenWorks chain Bar 29142 Includes…

How tall is a GreenWorks 6.5A electric pole?

Greenworks 6.5A Electric Poles… The GreenWorks 6.5A Electric Polesaw is perfect for any trimming jobs around your house or cottage. Its lightweight design and adjustable height feature make it versatile and easy to use — ideal for hard to reach branches. It has an 8-in bar and chain for clean cuts and the pole extends to 8-ft.

What kind of motor does GreenWorks pole saw have?

Greenworks 6.5A 8” Electric Pole Saw is equipped with a premium-grade motor delivering superior performance and powerful results. Features an automatic oiler, translucent oil tank and tool-less chain 10sion guaranteeing hassle-free operation. Versatile design contains an 8’ shaft extension accommodating a variety of cutting applications.

Can a cordless chainsaw be used as a pole saw?

A cordless electric or battery chainsaw delivers the cutting power you need for all kinds of work. Whether you are trimming trees, cutting firewood, or doing other work, a battery chainsaw is an excellent alternative to gas powered tools. Excellent weight and balance on an electric chainsaw make it easy to handle and operate for all kinds of jobs.


Another fantastic pole saw from Greenworks is this 20192 8.5’ 6.5A Corded Pole Saw. This electric pole saw has a powerful motor and an 8” bar and chain which is said by one user to cut branches like ‘a hot knife through butter’. The aluminum pole extends to 8ft, and is easy to assemble and disassemble. It also comes with a carry bag, for storage and portability.

Other features of this pole chain saw include tool-free chain tensioning and an automatic oiler – although some reviewers have had issues with the saw using too much oil, or leaking when not in use. The 4-year warranty offers long-term peace of mind though if anything does go wrong.


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