Gravity Audio 1000A Car Battery

What do you need to know about gravity batteries?

Gravity Battery: An illustrated concept detailing the long-term, low-maintenance storage of energy through the use of the force gravity.

What kind of batteries are in antigravity batteries?

For innovative Lithium-Ion products related to Motorsports, Powersports, and Adventure, there is no name more trustworthy than Antigravity Batteries. We have a complete line of high power, lightweight Lithium STARTER BATTERIES for your motorcycle, ATV, watercraft, and race or performance car.

How big is the world’s largest gravity battery?

At larger scales, these are called pumped-storage hydroelectric plants. There are currently more than 100 GW of pumped-storage capacity in the world, with efficiency ranging from 70% to 87% [1]. They are, in fact, some of the largest batteries we’ve ever built.

How much does a gravity powered car weigh?

Unbalanced cars are also unstable on the race track. If they hit a slight bump, an unstable car can jump off the track. Car Weight – Most gravity cars cannot exceed 5 ounces. The car body, wheels, axles, etc. only weigh a little over 2 ounces.


This stylish battery provides 1000 amps of power and has a Digital Blue Voltage Display. Check to see the power of your car’s audio system to ensure that this is going to be sufficient to give the power that you require. The battery posts are chrome-plated, while the case is in black chrome. Many people are buying it for the appearance just as much as the performance which you get from it.


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