Geocel Pro Flex RV Roof Sealant

What kind of sealant does a geocel camper use?

Geocel 28103 RV Trailer Camper Sealants Proflex Flexible Sealant Black 10 Oz. (Quantity 1) Dicor Corporation 501LSB-1 Epdm Lap Seal 11 Oz.

Is the geocel pro Flex flexible sealant working?

So far the Pro Flex is working great and not collecting the dust like the 100% silicon caulk. It went on smoothly and adheres good. Now my white camper is all white and doesn’t have that outlined brown look on the the seams. As far as durability, only time will tell.

What kind of roof does a geocel RV have?

Apparently Geocel doesn’t know that many RVs have rubber (EPDM) roofs. The warning should also be in the product description. Does everything that any silicone sealant can do and more. Without the annoying “silicone side effects”, such as NOTHING will sick to it in the future.

What kind of sealant does pro flex RV use?

This is a modal window. Pro Flex RV Flexible Sealant is specifically designed for the recreational vehicle industry. It can be exposed to adverse weather conditions right after application.


Geocel is a much liked brand for those in the market for sealing RV roofs or as a camper roof coating. The reason that this product has made it on to our list is that we like how longlasting it is (the manufacturer claims it will last 25 years) and the fact that it is a clear sealant that is suitable for painting should an owner require it. Plus, you can use it on a wide variety of surfaces and use it to seal damp, frozen, and oily surfaces.


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