Generac 7117 GP2200i Portable Inverter Generator

Is the Generac 7117 gp2200i portable inverter generator safe?

The 7117 GP2200i inverter generator uses TruePower Technology to provide clean, stable power which is safe for charging sensitive electronic devices, tools and small household appliances. This model includes an integrated start dial that streamlines startup procedures by combining the choke, run and stop functions into one dial.

Is the Generac 7118 parallel kit back in stock?

Receive an email if this item is back in stock. The Generac 7118 parallel kit doubles your power when operating 2 GP2200i inverters at the same time.

What can I use Generac gp2200i parallel kit for?

Its innovative paralleling capability allows you to meet higher output requirements by connecting 2 GP2200i models together to power your RV air conditioner, lights, cell phone and other portable appliances at the same time. Convenient storage on the back of the kit helps avoid clutter of connecting cords when not in use.

What kind of inverter generator does Generac use?

From weekend campers to tailgating enthusiasts, Generac’s GP2200i portable inverter generator provides ample power for a variety of outdoor settings and festivities. Thanks to true power™ technology, GP2200i model provides sensitive electronics, tools and appliances the clean, stable power they need for optimal operation.


A combination of quietness, simplicity of operation, and compactness have put this product on our list of the best RV generators. Clean and stable power is provided, which is suitable for all sorts of different electronic devices. It is both easy-to-use and transport from one place to another.

You also have the option of putting it into economy mode for an increased level of fuel efficiency and noise level reduction. The LED screen will let you know status updates such as low-oil so that you know when it is time for a top-up.


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