GearAmerica Recovery Tow Straps

Which is the best tow and recovery straps?

Designed for towing vehicles, pulling equipment, and moving debris, Smittybilt’s straps are weather resistant and engineered to high standards. The 4-inch wide versions are extra wide to protect tree trucks from damage. Pros / Variety of sizes, heavy duty straps, double-stitched webbing, water resistant

Where do you put the Gear America strap?

This strap stows in a small roll wrap that fits easily under my truck seat. You roll it up, cinch it together with a velcro tie strip to keep it from unwinding and place it in a draw-string bag, and oh yeah, the bag and velcro tie strip is provided to you with your purchase.

How does a recovery strap work on a car?

That energy extends the rope and slowly brings the recovering vehicle to a stop. Then the energy transfers to the stuck vehicle, which is smoothly set free as the rope or strap contracts back to its original length. A traditional tow strap is a piece of recovery gear made to help pull another vehicle, not extract it.

What’s the maximum stretch of a tow strap?

As such, if your car or that of a friend gets stuck, recovery will be easy. Speaking of recovery, this tow strap has a maximum stretch of 7%. As such, you can recover a bogged or immobile vehicle with pull and stretch action. As a heavy-duty strap with a 35,321-pound break strength, not only can you use it to pull out a vehicle.


This heavy-duty, lab-tested tow strap is a four-in-one product. Not only can it be used as a tow strap and recovery strap, but it also works as a tree saver strap and winch extension strap. This is essentially one of the most versatile things you could store in your pickup truck.

The product has been built for heavy-duty towing and recovery and has been tested in a lab to withstand a weight of 45,000 pounds. This is a fantastic tow strap for off-roaders, farmers or anyone else needing to haul heavy objects. The tow strap is also weather resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures. It won’t stand for mold and mildew either as this is made from tough polyester with reinforced eyes and protective sleeves.


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