Gates K060841 Serpentine Belt

Why are gates complete serpentine kits so good?

It’s a great deal for the vehicle owner because the labor to remove the belt is already part of the original repair, and new parts are going to make the whole system work better and last longer. Gates Complete Serpentine Kits come with lifetime warranty coverage on parts and labor when the kit is installed and the shop is registered.

Where can I find a serpentine belt routing diagram?

Select the specific year and make of your vehicle. Take note of the Illustration number and then Scroll to the bottom of the page to find your Free Serpentine Belt Routing Diagram. What’s that squeal coming from under the hood?

What kind of belt does a gates car use?

As power transmission experts for over a century, Gates is driving your vehicles’ belt drive with our automotive V-belts for your passenger cars, light duty trucks, and personal vehicles. Gates V-belts are engineered to run maintenance-free to keep your vehicles moving without the need for lubrication or retensioning.

Do you have to buy a new serpentine belt?

There is no point in rushing out to buy a brand-new serpentine belt, only to find that it was another part of your vehicle which was causing the issue. Bear in mind that the serpentine belt is just one component in a car, and there are plenty more which may be in need of an update.


If you are looking for a smoother and quieter driving experience, this serpentine belt ticks both boxes. A variety of car models are supported in both the length and the fit of the belt. Its ease of installation has been remarked upon – and you can expect it to continue operating efficiently over the miles ahead of you.

As for the price, it is relatively affordable, so those on a tighter budget should take note of this one. This US-manufactured product is renowned for its OEM quality.


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