Gate Check Pro Car Seat Travel Bag

What does deluxe gate check travel bag do?

The Deluxe Gate Check Travel Bag protects your child’s car seat or stroller from dirt, germs and damage. Features a lockable draw-string closure, dual carry handles and an attached stretch pouch that makes unfolding and refolding easier.

How does a gate check for a car seat work?

This is not as complicated (at most airports in the U.S.) as checking your car seat and stroller, as it is generally just a tag the gate agent hand writes your seat number and flight information onto. You then loop the tag onto your car seat and stroller. Done.

What to look for in a gate check stroller bag?

The key features we look for in a stroller gate check bag are: 1 Durable material that is waterproof. 2 Double stitching. 3 An easy way of carrying and handling the item such as shoulder or back straps. 4 An easy way to store the bag when it’s not in use. 5 Wide opening making it easy to insert the stroller. More …

Can a car seat be checked at the baggage counter?

It can be wonderfully liberating to leave your car seat behind at the checked baggage counter – it’s one less thing in your hands or dangling from your body as you make your way through the airport. But if you’re traveling with a lap infant and want the use of your car seat after security but before the flight, you can also gate check it.


The color may be bright and cheerful, but this is a mid-priced car seat travel bag that means business. Made from a ballistic-grade nylon that has been used by the military, the Gate Check Pro is a tough bag that knows its job. And that’s to keep your car seat safe and clean in transit. It is nice and spacious, fitting pretty much all the major brands, as well as space for a booster base and the drawstring top closure is tight and secure. We like the carrying style of this car seat travel bag with its reinforced shoulder straps making it a breeze to carry hands free. Plus, you get side handles for extra versatility. And despite the tough nature of the fabric, this car seat luggage bag folds easily down when not in use, packed away inside its own travel pouch.


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