Freedom Living Tank Safe RV Toilet Paper

Is the freedom living septic tank safe RV toilet paper?

One endearing quality of the Freedom Living Septic Tank Safe RV Toilet Tissue Paper is the fact that it completely dissolves within just a few minutes – that is possible without compromising the gentleness and the durability of the paper. This means that it is still gentle on the skin while also ensuring that it does not tear nor rip unexpectedly.

Can you use regular toilet paper in an RV?

The reason is that ordinary toilet papers are not made of soft and fast-dissolving materials. It simply means that they can take long to sit at the bottom of the RV holding tank. They can also slow down the movement of waste material in and cause the clogging of the RV sewer hose when you need to empty the holding tank.

Is it safe to use toilet paper in a black water tank?

These toilet papers are not clogging for the black water tank and are of fast-dissolving materials. They’re also recommended for use in marine environments. RV toilet papers are also proven safe for either sewer systems or septic systems.

What to know about toilet etiquette for RVers?

From holding tanks to gas tanks, there’s so much to RVing that most people don’t think about before hitting the road. If you’ve never been comfortable talking about bodily waste and toilet etiquette, you will be soon enough. Research Campgrounds, Plan RV Safe Routes & Turn your phone into an RV GPS.


100% biodegradable and with an impressive 500 sheets per roll, these 2-ply RV toilet paper packs from Freedom Living certainly do what they say on the pack. With each sheet dissolving in water in minutes, there is no problem of residue or unnecessary clogging, either in your RV’s septic system or an outside sewer. They are also remarkably soft on your skin but have a decent level of tear resistance, making them the perfect butt companion for an extended RV road trip.

Designed for RVs, marine and portable toilets, the sheets do feel a little thin, despite the 2-ply, but are nicely durable and also fragrance-free. A tad on the pricey side for a pack of four so perhaps not a money-saver if you prefer to bulk buy but for a shorter or weekend trip, where you don’t want your camping toilet paper to let you down, then these could well be the right choice.


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