FlexDin Bike Frame Bag

What kind of bike frame bags do I Need?

AUTOWT Bike Phone Front Frame Bag, Waterproof Bicycle Cellphone Mount Pack Cycling Top Tube Handlebar Bag Sensitive Touch Screen Large Storage Phone Case Holder for iPhone 7 8 Plus Up to 6.5" . 99 FREE Delivery on your first order. Details . 99 FREE Delivery on your first order. Details . 99 FREE Delivery on your first order. Details .

What kind of fabric is a bike frame pack made out of?

Most notably the Ortlieb Frame Pack is made from heavy duty, yet incredible lightweight, waterproof nylon fabric, a waterproof zipper combined with special construction techniques that ensures seams are also waterproof.

How big is a lifeline adventure frame bag?

The Lifeline Adventure frame bag fits 2.1 litres of storage beneath the top tube. It’s a simple design with a single zip and one large storage area, while its 300D ripstop nylon fabric and welded seams mean it’s both light and impressively waterproof. It might not be a looker, but it’s cheap, simple and effective.

Are there dividers on full suspension bike bags?

Dividers are not available on full-suspension frame bags. Partial Bolt-On: We have made many bolt-on frame bags, including the one that helped Black Cat Bikes win 2016 NAHBS Best of Show.


Because the capacity of this bike bag is so large (1.4 liters) you will be able to take all of your biking essentials with you on your journey including a tire repair tool and your gloves. It fixes under the seat of your bike and has a side opening. Inside, there is a mesh bag so that you can locate your items quickly even when the bag is full.

It fixes quickly to the seat post of your bike using a snap-on method which releases quickly. When you need to lock up your bike for a while and take a break, you can just grab that bag and go – it is small enough to hold easily in your hand. The aerodynamic design eliminates drag as you are travelling along and the reflective strips keep you safe. There is even a hook to hang a bike taillight for nighttime rides. Thanks to the 600D nylon fabric and coating of 0.1mm TPU waterproof film, no water can make itself inside and spoil your items and the bag is strong enough to maintain its shape.


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