Feedback Sports Pro Elite Repair Stand

What makes feedback Sports Pro Elite Workstand unstable?

Feedback Sports says: "Due to the design and nature of how the bicycle is held in the stand, a rotating feature on a traditional clamp style repair stand would cause the stand to become unstable at specific points.

Which is the best feedback sports repair stand?

Feedback Sports’ award-winning bike repair stands are designed for every type of bike, mechanic, and budget – designed with portability and durability at heart. Our legacy work stands make servicing your bike a process to enjoy. Don’t know which Repair Stand is right for you?

How much does Feedback Pro Elite bike repair stand weigh?

The foldable Feedback Sports Pro Elite bike repair stand is built to professional standards and weighs only 13 lbs. for compact travel and storage. Innovative Secure-Lock features ratchet-action closing and push-button release Stand holds up to 85 pounds on uneven surfaces like dirt, grass and slopes Imported.

What kind of clamp does Feedback Pro Elite use?

The ToPeak Prepstand Pro has a similar-looking clamp to the one found on the Pro Elite, but it lacks the sliding or quick-release convenience. The Park Tool PRS-25 and PCS-10, the Eclypse Repair Stand, and the Bike Hand all have cam locking clamp designs that open up to 3" wide but aren’t quite as user-friendly.


Onto another model from Feedback Sports now, and it’s this Pro Elite Bike Repair Stand. Made from rust-proof, anodized aluminum in a stylish red finish, this sturdy tripod stand stays stable even on uneven ground. It can support weights of up to 85lbs, and tubes of up to 2.6”. It has an adjustable height, from 42” to 71”, and the all-important 360-degree rotation.

Reviewers gush over this ‘first-class’ bike stand clamp for its strong and robust construction, steel clamping mechanism, and the fact that it’s ready to use right out of the box. There are very few negative reviews, but one minor points raised is the fact that the clamp release button is stiff and hard to turn with one hand.


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