Fasmov Car Duster

What kind of Duster do I need to Dust my Car?

The Relentless Drive duster has a cylindrical head with microfiber cloth wrapped around it. The dusting surface turns all 360 degrees. The duster is also considerably long—it’s 16 inches long with a generous 6-inch handle.

How does a microfiber car Duster work on a car?

The long microfiber fingers on the head of the Microfiber Car Duster by Dusterior work to trap dust, dirt, and pollen and keep it trapped until you have finished dusting. The soft finger won’t damage or mark your car’s interior and are soft enough to be used on paintwork.

What kind of cloth is a California Duster made out of?

The California duster is made from cloth with a wood handle. It’s kind of like a shoe shining brush with a handle and no bristles. The long rectangular head has cloth noodles attached to it like a mop. The cloth is 100 percent cotton coated with a special paraffin wax.

What kind of car is a 1974 Duster?

1974 Plymouth Duster Just in…full write up coming soon. … Cool Classic Rides, Dealer #DA8690 is excited to offer another classic with this 1974 Plymouth Gold … Recent Body-Up Restoration, beautiful factory (K2) high impact Vitamin C orange, factory black vi …


The Fasmov Car Duster consists of soft cotton fibers that are wax treated to ensure they collect surface dust rather than just moving it around. The fibers are suitable for use on paintwork, meaning the duster can be used on by the interior and exterior of your vehicle. The brush style duster has a stainless steel handle for strength and a molded grip for comfort.


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