EZ Lip Universal Flexible Foam Rubber Fender Flares

What are the Universal ez flares for cars?

ENHANCE & PROTECT YOUR RIDE – The universal fender EZ Flares are a fast, easy, and low-cost way to give your car an aggressive, off-road look! Universal compatibility allows it to be installed on virtually all makes and models. FAST & EASY INSTALLATION – Just 3 easy steps and you’ll extend your fender trim by up to 1 inch!

How to install universal fender flares and widebody kits?

Leave ~ 1.5cm from the line that you draw in Step 1 and draw another line (closer to the fender\quarter panel lip). Cut away your lip by following this newly-drawn line. Very carefully bend the inner wheel arch with a rubber mallet to get it closer to the outer fender. Cut away the inner wheel arch.

Can you put ez flares on fender trim?

FAST & EASY INSTALLATION – Just 3 easy steps and you’ll extend your fender trim by up to 1 inch! No drilling or screws are required. HANDLES ALL CONDITIONS & WEATHER – EZ Flares will help protect your paint from driveways, speed bumps, and curbs. It’ll easily withstand car washes, high speeds, and any temperature you put it through.

Where are the EZ lip Universal Lip Kits made?

EZ Lip universal lip kits are also proudly made in the USA. Any additional questions about the EZ Lip? Reach out to us!


You can easily give your vehicle the upgrade it deserves by installing stylish and durable accessories like the EZ lip universal fender flares. This accessory can be installed in a few easy steps using durable 3M adhesive and is made of Dura-X foam rubber that contributes to its overall durability and functionality. Its extra-large design makes it the ideal off-road companion to trucks with large wheels and Jeep owners who spend their weekends venturing down old and new trails. This EZ lip creation was also designed with your paint job and windows in mind and the additional 2-inch height provides just the right amount of protection from debris and flying pebbles that can crack the glass.


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