Etekcity Lasergrip 774 Infrared Thermometer

What’s the range of the etekcity lasergrip 774?

Point. Aim. Measure. Practical for both indoor and outdoor use, the Lasergrip 774 lets you safely measure surface temperatures from a distance while still maintaining laser-sharp accuracy. Measure extreme temperatures ranging from -50°C (–58°F) to 380°C (716°F ) without ever needing to come in contact.

How does the laser grip 774 thermometer work?

Even from a far distance, the laser provides a mark to ensure accuracy every time you make a measurement. Infrared Lens The Infrared lens inside the Laser grip 774 Thermometer provides temperature readings without the need to touch or come close to anything dangerously hot or cold.

How does the etekcity infrared thermometer work?

Simple Operation – Point and Click! This Etekcity non-contact IR temperature gun is easy to operate. It turns on and begins reading the temperature with one press of the trigger. Clear text displays the measured temperature in either Celsius or Fahrenheit. A laser light aids in aiming, and can be turned on or off.

Is the emissivity of an infrared thermometer adjustable?

Most infrared thermometers come with fully adjustable emissivity levels to compensate for the various temperatures of different surfaces that may affect the infrared energy emitted by the target object. Now, it is up to you if you need a fixed emissivity setting or not, often depending on what you will be working on.


Featuring 12 laser points and a central dot forming a circle on the target object for measurement, this infrared thermometer promises greater accuracy of its temperature readings. It comes with a much higher temperature limit of 1022 degrees Fahrenheit, which can further increase its applicability, although there are very few situations or circumstances in the house that can really reach such high temperature readings.

Nevertheless, with an HD LCD display providing clearer information you’ll never miss any temperature reading from the Estink IR thermometer. It’s got a temperature bridge alarm, which turns the LED indicator into a bright red, warning you that the surface temperature being measured has surpassed the limits set on the device. It’s got an auto-shutoff feature, too, although it’s quite long at about 25 seconds. Compensating for the heat emitted by various surfaces can be easily compensated as the Estink comes with adjustable emissivity settings.


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