Dunlop D404 Front Tire

What kind of tires are in Dunlop D404?

The Dunlop D404 Tires have an expanded size range that fits many modern cruisers and delivers a smooth ride for maximum comfort. Read More . . Price depends on product options.

Can a D404 tire be used on a Harley Davidson?

The D404 is not meant to be used on Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Wide whitewall ( WWW) option available in select sizes.

Are there any good deals on Dunlop tires?

Take advantage of our great deals, sales and additional savings opportunities on your Dunlop tires and essential motorcycle parts. Check out ongoing special deals on your favorite brands and riding accessories like jackets, goggles, gloves, helmets, luggage and more.


Next up we have this tire, the Michelin Commander II tire, which is… hang, we just saw this tire didn’t we? Well, yes and no. As we will see as we move on during this list, whilst many tire manufacturers will sell their tires as sets, many others offer them as individual products only. `

We’ll also talk about this some more in our buying guide further on, but for many modern styles of bikes, the front and rear tires are indeed quite different, with the rear tire being bigger and heavier. That is the case here, with this rear tire clocking in at a meaty 21.5 Lbs – though the weight will fluctuate depending on the tire size.

Features wise everything is exactly the same as on the front tire described above, so flick back up there to read more about them. Suffice it to say you are getting all the excellent features found on that product, but now configured for a rear tire.


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