Drive Auto Products Car Trash Can

What kind of garbage can does drive auto use?

Car Garbage Can, Liner Refills (40-Pack) – The Drive Bin As Seen On TV Collection by Drive Auto Products Liner Refill Pack for The DRIVE Bin™ Car Trash Can by Drive Auto Products 40-Pack of 2 Gallon Individual Liner Bags Made from durable HDPE r… Read More

Where can I get a free car trash can?

Meistar Car Trash Can Bin Waste Container Plastic with 20 Free Disposable Bags. 100% Leak Proof Car Organizer. . . . . .

How to make a DIY car trash bin?

5 DIY Car Trash Bins 1 Travel Trash Bag. MAKE THIS PROJECT! 2 No-Sew Car Litter Bag. Some sort of thin plastic (Leftover Cricut cutting mats are perfect for this project!) MAKE THIS PROJECT! 3 DIY-Car Trash Bag Holder. MAKE THIS PROJECT! 4 DIY Car Garbage Sack. MAKE THIS PROJECT! MAKE THIS PROJECT! …

Can a trash bag be stowed in the car?

Thanks to a simple loop handle, the bag can be stowed almost anywhere in your car. Unlike many auto trash bags on the market, it’s also available in several attractive designs. Case New certainly don’t let practicality get in the way of designing an attractive bag that you’ll actually want to use.


Kicking off our list is this seat mounted car trash can by Drive Auto. Simply clip the straps together around the back of your seat, and pop in a garbage bag. Each bag can be clipped into place with a set of patented side clasps. Its zip top design keeps any unwanted odors from escaping into your cabin, while a unique quick-clip strap makes for easy installation and removal.

The bag is made from a lightweight fabric, allowing you to fold it away for easy storage in the trunk or glove compartment. Hand sewn edges and seams ensure the container lasts for years to come, while its dark, subtle coloring blends in well with almost any car interior. This versatile container can also double up as container for storing pretty much anything you need. It can even includes 20 free refuse bags, to get your started.


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