Curved Boot Ignition Coil for Ford Lincoln Mercury


This ignition coil unit from ENA is our top choice. It is created by the leading manufacturers of ignition machinery and equipment, so it is equipped with all the necessary design elements that aid in optimum performance. The Curved Boot Ignition Coil is designed for use with Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury models and no other vehicles. This model can be used on Ford vehicles, namely the for Excursion, Explorer, Expedition, and the F-150. The fit is excellent.

This Curved Boot ignition product is placed over the original stick coils for better performance. They are made from the best grade of metals and materials, so durability and reliability are assured. Under extreme conditions, you can be assured that this ignition product will be well protected against abrasion and corrosion. When selecting one of these ignition units to purchase, we advise that you take into consideration the type of boots you have and whether they’re curved or straight. With the Curved Boots coil, you will prolong the engine life.


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