Curt Manufacturing Basket-Style Cargo Carrier

What makes a curt basket cargo carrier so strong?

The hitch-mounted design also makes installation quick and easy. CURT basket cargo carriers feature a strong bolt-together design and are made with heavy-duty carbide steel and a tubular construction for increased strength. One of the advantages of the basket style is its 6" high sides. These provide extra security and peace of mind during travel.

Can a curt cargo basket be installed on a UTV?

A CURT ATV cargo basket is the ideal way to add more secure storage space to your ATV or UTV. It installs with universal brackets. Get extra security for your items with a cargo carrier bag or cargo carrier net for your hitch cargo carrier or rooftop cargo carrier. Your account has been temporarily locked, so no orders can be placed at this time.

Where is the Curt Hitch cargo carrier located?

Mounted on the front or rear of your vehicle, a CURT hitch cargo carrier is a convenient and secure way to add cargo space to your adventure. This basket cargo carrier provides extra security for your items and features heavy-duty steel construction with a durable black carbide powder coat finish to resist corrosion.

What do you use a curt basket hitch for?

CURT basket-style cargo carriers are designed to be used as needed, using your trailer hitch. Their 6” high walls offer extra security for your items, and with their mesh base, basket cargo carriers clean up quickly and easily. They’re perfect for a variety of cargo – everything from bulky camping gear to messy equipment.


Simple but safe and durable, the Curt cargo carrier is a good choice when you need extra storage space for your vehicle. Hardy, with a 500-pound carrying capacity and a 60” x 24” platform with tall sides for keeping the cargo safe during travel, this basket-style cargo carrier will become your car’s best friend in no time.

The Curt luggage carrier is constructed from heavy-duty tubular steel for long-lasting durability, while the mesh floors make for easy cleaning. This model can also be folded up for easy storage when it’s not in use, which is a big plus for occasional users.


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