Curt Manufacturing 23518 Towing Wiring Trailer Hitch Lock

What kind of trailer hitches does Curt make?

CURT offers custom trailer hitches, electrical products and a complete line of towing accessories to get you there with confidence and enjoy every mile of the journey. CURT provides you with the best trailer hitch locks for your towing setup, so you and your crew can make the most of your adventure.

Why do you need a Curt Hitch lock?

CURT hitch locks allow you to lock your ball mount into your trailer hitch, deterring theft and preventing anyone from detaching your trailer at the ball mount and towing away your property without your permission.

What to expect when you purchase a curt fifth wheel hitch?

With 1,000+ trailer hitches of every size and weight capacity, CURT has designed a custom-fit hitch for just about every vehicle and towing/hauling purpose. Every CURT trailer hitch is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. What can you expect when you purchase a CURT fifth-wheel hitch?

What are the locks on a curt trailer?

CURT offers a variety of trailer hitch lock styles to add security to your adventures. Our hitch locks and coupler locks help protect against theft whether you’re towing or leaving your trailer parked. We also carry specialized locks to add security to your vehicle, trailer and cargo.


This trailer coupler lock features a watertight dust cap, spare key, and durable black finish. Designed to prevent would-be thieves from attempting to steal your trailer, the lock is easy to fit with a simple quarter turn of the key.

Customers love the heavy duty design, constructed from strong and sturdy steel, as well as the easy fit. However, do bear in mind that the lock is not compatible with double walled receiver tubes.


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