Cowone Headlights for Motorcycles

Can a motorcycle be converted to LED headlights?

If you own a motorcycle that does not fit in with LED headlights as standard, don’t worry, it’s not so difficult to convert them. You can run a conversion with the purchase of a headlight kit. This means that you would not necessarily need to purchase ballasts or modify your motorcycle’s electrical system when you need to upgrade to LED technology.

Which is the brightest headlamp on a motorcycle?

Along with the anti-scratch, projector lens and super-bright LED’s, this headlamp is easily the brightest motorcycle headlamp on the market with a colossal 6500lms on it’s high beam.

How does a Motorcycle LED projector headlights work?

Premium-quality motorcycle LED projector headlights employ state-of-the-art technologies to offer outstanding lighting performance. Such headlight assemblies include optical lenses that deflect and magnify light to produce a highly directed light beam focused on the road surface.

What kind of headlight do I need for my fairing?

Fairing pattern headlights offer you the ability to choose headlight patterns on the front of your fairing. Angel eye headlights, also known by the term halo headlights, are created by a circle of LED bulbs around the edge of the headlight and a single LED bulb in the middle of the headlight.


A shorter option at 5.75” diameter, these COWONE headlamps use three different lighting modes to best suit your environment – these being high, low and DRL which provides a broader view for when you need to see around tight corners and over smaller roads. Indeed, this is one of the reasons why this option is DOT approved and overall a great benefit to your motorcycle.

This item also comes with a superior cooling system, which allows for a greater longevity, as well as a safer lighting system for your vehicle. It also comes with the added benefits of being shock proof, waterproof and dust resistant. Customers have also noted that they have been extremely happy with the customer service provided, with many noting that responses come in less than 24 hours.


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