Cooluli Mini Fridge Electric Cooler

What can you do with a cooluli mini fridge?

FORGET A COOLER FULL OF ICE: The thermoelectric system in the Cooluli Cooler and Warmer allows for easy switching from beverage cooler to food warmer! Ideal for use on camping and road trips, picnicking, or for people who spend time in their vehicles. Keep your drinks cold and refreshing, no ice necessary!

How many cans can a cooluli 4L cooler hold?

The Cooluli 4L Cooler & Warmer is perfect for home and office use as well as in the nursery, office or dorm room. It’s capable of holding six (6) 12 ounce cans. Our thermoelectric cooling system is popularly used as a beverage cooler, but the warming function shouldn’t be ignored.

What do you need to know about cooluli?

Beauty-full makeup & skincare storage . . . Elevate the brown bag lunch . . . Stylishly chic in any room . . . Cooluli was born in Brooklyn, New York in 2016 to meet today’s growing need for portable, high-end mini cooling and warming systems.

What kind of adapter does the cooluli cooler use?

AC/DC and USB ADAPTERS INCLUDED: The Cooluli Cooler & Warmer comes included with AC and DC power adapters – Easy to go from indoor 110V (AC) to car use by plugging the appliance into the car cigarette 12V (DC) adapter. Capable of being powered with a 2A power bank with included USB cord for even more portability!


King of the hill in this list, the very best car refrigerator, is Cooluli’s mini fridge. Not only do you get the car charger power cord, but you can also plug it into a 110V indoor outlet to charge as well. Once it’s charged, you have a twenty-four hour power reserve in eco-mode, meaning you can take this to the beach for the day, take it to work and leave it in the break room, and it’ll still be cold when you get back to it.

You can hold up to six cans in this four-liter capacity, or use the heating option to maintain hot foods from 122 F to 144 F. If you’re up for a bit of late-night snacking, you can fit your drive-thru meal in this for the duration of the ride home, and enjoy it once you get inside. It’s not recommended to charge this via the USB port in your computer (won’t gather enough energy), and put some time in between switching it from hot to cold, and vice versa.


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