Chemical Guys Goat Boar’s Hair Detailing Brush

How does a boar’s hair brush release Dirt?

Boar’s hairs are naturally feathered. The end of each hair is already split but we split it one more time to ensure the gentlest touch possible. Boar’s hair brushes release dirt better than most sponges or mitts.

When do you need a boar bristle brush?

But not all brushes are created equal: When your hair is in need of some ultra smoothing power, you’re going to need a boar bristle brush to tame unruly tresses. This type of brush is perfect for bringing out your hair’s natural texture and smoothing out any tangles or knots, while providing a glossy, styled sheen to your locks.

What’s the best way to wash boar’s hair?

Boar’s hair brushes release dirt better than most sponges or mitts. Just like your own hair, boar’s hair releases dirt when washed. Swish the brush in a bucket of water to release the dirt accumulated as you wash. The less dirt transferred back to your vehicle, the better.


While this brush may seem highly gentle, it is also very effective. It gets the balance right by doing a good cleaning job and not causing scratches to your pride and joy. Chemically resistant with a handle made of metal, it is designed to last for a long time.

Versatility is one of the key features of this brush, and it is the type of cleaning product that you can use both inside and outside your vehicle. At the end of the handle is a hole which allows it to be hung up for easy access whenever you need it.


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