Centric 105.0436 Posi-Quiet Ceramic Brake Pad Set


The Centric Posi-Quiet brake pads are an affordable and reliable way to get the best performance out of your braking system. Manufactured using positive molding process, these pads have a more consistent friction material density throughout the entire pad. This process, which by the way is utilized by OE suppliers, ensures even wear and performance in every part of the brake pad throughout its entire life.

These pads are ceramic disc pads, guaranteed to last a long time. Their backing plates are precision cut to ensure proper fit and consistent wear, and as a result, reduced vibration and noise. The shims are mechanically attached, which further adds to the stability, proper fit and reliability of the pads (this also means you can say goodbye to adhesive goops).

And that’s not even all – these brake pads have gone through a scorching process which forces any impurities out of the friction material and ensures great stopping power. Also, installation is super-easy.


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