CARTMAN Telescoping Lug Wrench

Which is better Cartman or collapsible lug wrench?

CARTMAN universal lug wrench is small in size, so it does not take up a lot of space during storage although it does require more space than the collapsible lug wrenches. You can keep it in your toolbox and use it whenever you need because it has built-in sockets.

How big is the socket on a lug wrench?

The wrench comes with two double-sided sockets measuring 17mm/19mm for the smaller socket and 21mm/23mm for the larger socket. This allows the sockets to fit universal lug nuts.

What kind of wrench can I use to change tire lug?

The CARTMAN universal lug wrench comes with four built-in sockets that fit lug sizes 17mm, 19mm, 21mm, and 22mm which are included. This means that the wrench can be used to fix wheels on most cars. The sockets are sturdy to withstand the pressure applied when tightening a loose nut.

Why do you need a telescoping lug wrench?

The handle of the wrench is textured to ensure that you have a firm grip when loosening tight nuts and to also prevent your hands from becoming sore due to too much pressure. The lug wrench takes up very little space during storage. The telescoping handle means that you can shorten it.


Some of the best lug wrench designs employ a collapsible design, and that is exactly what we have in this product from CARTMAN. In its closed form it measures a tiny 13 inches, but it can extend out to 21 inches when you need to use it. Along with the handy (and protective) storage bag, this tire wrench is easy to store in a vehicle but still can give the length to provide the leverage you need to tackle stubborn bolts.

The only small issue is with the sockets that come with this wrench. You do get four of them in the most common used sizes, but they are not quite as deep as you will find with some other models. It probably won’t make a huge difference to the use of the wrench but is something to keep in mind.


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