Cartman 16” Anti-Slip Cross Wrench


Cartman is back with its second entry to make the list. A far more traditional and straightforward design than what we saw before, what we have here is a nice and simple four-way lug wrench.

That being said, Cartman has gone the extra mile to add a few extra useful features. The big standout is the anti-slip protection. In reality these are merely plastic sleeves inserted over the four arms of the wrench. While being a very simple addition, they are also very effective, adding more grip and surface area for a tool that is easier to hold and use. It is also good to see that chrome plating has been employed in the finish to protect against rust and corrosion.

A 16” arm span is definitely toward the smaller end when it comes to these types of tools. That does make it easy to store and easy to work with in confined spaces. It also means that it takes more effort on your part to generate the leverage required to tackle really stubborn lug nuts.


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