CarGuys Premium Super Cleaner

What do you need to know about carguys Super cleaner?

CarGuys Premium Series Super Cleaner was made to replace the multiple cleaner bottles in your cabinet! This effective product uses a unique cleaning technology that penetrates the surface to loosen and lift away all of the embedded dirt, oil and grime so that it can be easily wiped away with a microfiber towel.

What kind of surfaces can carguys Multi Surface cleaner clean?

– SUPER CLEAN ANY SURFACE! – This multi surface product works on absolutely every interior or exterior surface except glass and delicate instrument panel screens! That means this ONE PRODUCT will clean upholstery , fabric , canvas , leather , vinyl , plastic , rubber , bird poop , grease , tree sap , metals , wood trim and so much more!

Where can I buy a super clean car?

Easy to find. We’ve partnered with the nation’s leading retailers including Ace Hardware, AutoZone, NAPA, O’Reilly Auto Parts, Pep Boys, Walmart and others to bring the Super Clean product line near you. Want even more convenience?

Which is the best brand of car upholstery cleaner?

The Turtle Wax brand of car polishes and cleaners has long been a trusted name in the auto industry and the Turtle Wax OXY Interior 1 Multi-Purpose Cleaner and Stain Remover is no exception. This advanced multi-purpose deep cleaning formula cleans and deodorizes your car’s upholstery, carpet, vinyl, and fabrics in one easy step.


If you need a cleaner that you can use on any surface and remove any debris without leaving any of that pesky residue that most conventional cleaners leave behind, then CarGuy’s Premium Super Cleaner is a must-have. From leather to vinyl to plastic to rubber and a whole lot more, CarGuys simply outperforms other supposedly premium-quality car carpet cleaners.

We know this article is all about car carpet cleaners, but if you’re given a product that can virtually replace more than 80 percent of your cleaning and stain removal formulations, then you’d definitely grab it, too.

The formulation is completely water-based so there really is no issue about odors. At the core of CarGuys’ Premium Super Cleaner is nano-technology-embedded cleaning agents which can ultimately simplify surface deep-cleaning for you.


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