Capri Tools CP21023 Portable Oil Drain Pan

Where can I buy an oil drip pan?

Whether you need a simple oil drip tray, a large drip pan, a 16 quart oil drain pan, or a high-capacity oil caddy drain tank, AutoZone has the portable oil drain container that you’re looking for. Buy a plastic or metal oil drain pan from and get free next day delivery on orders of $25 or more, or pick it up in-store today.

What’s the difference between Capri tools and mityvac?

Compare Similar Brake Tools current product Brand Mityvac Capri Tools Mityvac Mityvac Name Universal Pressure Bleed Adapter Vacuum Brake Bleeder Pressure Bleed Adapter Kit Master Vacuum Brake Bleed Kit Price Ratings (0) (7) (0) (0) 2 more rows …

Is the Draper oil drain pan just an oil pan?

It’s an oil drain pan! It’s just an oil drain pan BUT it’s stout and feels like it’ll hold it’s own in a garage. These things fall off shelves and get kicked around. It feels like it’ll cope just fine.


Some Tools are a pleasure to use simply because they just do their job well. This inexpensive oil drain pan is certainly one of those tools.

Construction wise it is made of super tough Polyethylene plastic. This means the product itself is going to last for a long time. It also means that during use, the pan will stay strong and rigid, no matter how much oil it is filled with.

That tough construction is handy by the way because with a total capacity of around 18 quarts, this is a pan that can handle a serious amount of oil. The built in spout makes controlled pouring nice and easy, and the built in anti-splash lip regulates the flow through the spout preventing splash back. A deceptively simple product that does a fantastic job – and as an added bonus is a lovely green color.


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