B&W International Bike Bag

What do you put in a b & w bike case?

The B&W bag is large and can hold the parts of your bike necessary and additional items such as tools and extra set of pedals. To fit your bicycle, just remove the wheels and seat from your frame and insert them into the separate designated pockets in the bag.

What should I put in my bike bag?

We’d recommend bubble wrap and foam piping. If you’re lucky, your local bike shop might have excess from the all the bikes they get sent in. Considering a fully packed bike bag or box is a weighty beast, built in handles and wheels become pretty vital.

What makes a bike box a bike bag?

These tend to be bags that have some more structural inserts inside but retain more of a bag’s lightweight nature.Other bike boxes can have nifty, in-built storage techniques. For example, some have built in dropouts that allow you stand your frame upright and hold it tight.

Do you need a travel bag for a drop bar bike?

This travel bag is designed specifically for drop-bar bikes and requires minimal disassembly. The wheels stow in dedicated pockets on the sides and, best of all, there’s no need to remove the handlebar. The adjustable chassis holds your frame in place by the axles—either quick-release or 12mm thru-axles.


Anyone in the market for a sharp and simple yet functional bike bag is in luck. With its soft and flexible shell, the B&W International Bike Bag is the solution to all your transit problem. It may have a soft shell, but there is no doubt that it is as sturdy as they come. If being made of tear-proof nylon material is not a clear indicator of this, then its handy aluminum frame should convince you. The frame is a great addition because it gives the actual frame of the bike ample support. As a result, the casing absorbs most of the shock incurred during the journey. Additionally, the pressure that the fabric puts on the saddle, as well as the steering tube, ensures that the bike is nice and snug while it is inside the travel bag. This bag is completely compatible with Brompton bikes, but other models can fit inside just as well.


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