Bucket Boss 10030 Bucketeer


Durable, spacious, professional-looking and highly convenient, the Bucket Boss is undoubtedly one of the best bucket caddies out there. It easily installs over five-gallon buckets, and since it comes with various dividers and pockets, it can be used for a variety of projects.

Made of PVC (55%), PP (22%), POLY (20%) and FERRIC (3%), the Bucketeer is highly durable, guaranteed to last a long time. There are 30 assorted storage pockets as well as three interior loops that allow you to hang your most commonly used gear, including larger tools such as hammers, drills and pry bars. And if you need more space for even larger tools? Nothing to worry about as the Buckeeter is made to allow for maximum storage space right inside the bucket. As a bonus, the bottom of the Bucketeer sits right above the base of the bucket, keeping it off the mud and dirty floors.

Because it’s so conveniently constructed, this tool bucket is perfect for auto work, gardening, fishing and all kinds of DIY projects. It also helps it’s super-affordable, making it ideal for both professionals and DIYers.


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