Briggs & Stratton 30545 P3000 Portable Inverter Generator

What to do with Briggs and Stratton P3000 inverter generator?

Bring more power to your next adventure with the P3000 PowerSmart Series inverter generator. Ideal for RV camping, tailgating and DIY projects, the P3000 provides quiet, lightweight and efficient power anywhere you need it.

Is there a generator in a Briggs and Stratton P4500?

Yes, but remember the generator is only to power the inverter, produces a heavy load of 12volt DC to power the inverter that supplies very clean, very regulated 110v A.C. So no generated 110v , just inverted 110v ac. Very efficient, very clean.

What kind of generator does Briggs and Stratton use?

PowerSmart Series 3,000W Gasoline Powered Portable Inverter Generator The Briggs & Stratton 30545 PowerSmart Series Portable 3000W Inverter Generator is perfect for your camping needs and produces clean and instant power to keep appliances and other important electronics powered during trips in your RV.

What is the P 4500 inverter generator made for?

Engineered to be compact, lightweight and quiet, the new P 4500 inverter generator has a protective hard shell to safeguard the unit from dirt and debris, never-go-flat wheels and a telescoping handle to make moving it around an RV site a breeze.


If you happen to get caught in a power outage, you can whip out the Briggs & Stratton 30545 to give your home the added boost of energy it needs. Powering it is an engine which is designed to reduce fuel consumption and unwanted emissions. You will also find that it is quieter than a traditional camping generator.

Offering 10-hours of continuous operation at 25 percent load on a full tank, a number of different household outlets are available. Vital performance metrics can be monitored via the convenient StatStation.


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