Bridgestone Turanza Quiet Track Tire

What is the best rated tire brand?

The top rated tire brands from America compete fairly well on a global scale. Consistently in the top 10 are: Cooper, Goodyear and Coker. Goodyear is world-renowned and offers tires for all types of vehicles and needs.

Does Bridgestone make Firestone tires?

The most significant acquisition happened in 1891 when Bridgestone bought a manufacturing site in Nashville, Tennessee owned by Firestone Tire & Rubber Company . In 1988, Bridgestone officially merged with Firestone, transforming Bridgestone into one of the world’s largest manufacturer of tires.

What is the best tire for highway driving?

A few excellent choices for highway tires include: Yokohama Advan Sport Michelin Pilot Super Sport Bridgestone Potenza Bridgestone Driveguard

What are run-flat tires?

Run flat tires are car tires which are designed so that they can be used when punctured or extremely low on air. The basic genesis of the run flat design actually dates to the late 1800s, but it didn’t become more widely available until the 1970s, and it is primarily a feature offered on luxury cars, especially sports cars.


The Turanza tires have been specially designed with performance in mind and can handle most weather conditions, including light snow. Just one look at the treads will show you everything you need to know about these tires as they feature high volume slots in the shoulder that enhance the water flow to ensure water drainage in the center. These tires have been designed to keep you in control at all times on the roads no matter what driving conditions you are faced with. Even during wet weather you’ll be able to remain stable.


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