BONMIXC Bike Bell Brass Mini

What kind of bells are on a bicycle?

Lion Bell Works is a British bicycle company specializing in classic metal bells. The Urban bicycle bell is made from nickel silver and stainless steel, and is available with handlebar or stem mounts. While it may not be the prettiest bell (e) at the ball, it certainly is the loudest.

How big is a Minnie Mouse bike bell?

The maximum diameter for this bike bell is 31.8mm, so it can fit any kind of road or mountain bike. One of the top children’s bike bells, this Minnie Mouse bell is great for those who like a touch of pink or Disney on their bikes.

How do you install a bell on a bicycle?

This tool-free bicycle bell features a classic vintage design. It’s easy to install on your handlebars and fits on most types of bikes. Simply remove the thumb screw from the mounting bracket, put the bell on the handlebars, and tighten the screw. The bell is small, lightweight and stylish.

What was the night like for biker bells?

Everything seemed perfect. Some 40 miles north of the border he was out on the road in the still coolness of night in the high desert the full moon rose and the cactus cast shifting and shortening silhouettes on the still-warm desert floor….


This mini brass bell for bikes is incredibly popular because it’s affordable. The simple design makes it just as easy to use as av more traditional style bell but with a slightly more modern look that many users love.

This item is the “ding-dong” style, so it won’t ring when you’re going over bumps and cracks. However, it is a little less likely to be heard in busier areas unless you ring the lever multiple times.

This bell is very easy to attach to your bike’s handlebars and fits bars up to 23mm in diameter, which is roughly the size of the average bike. The brass material makes a clear ringing sound, although you might find that the larger height and smaller dome a little annoying.


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