Black & Decker AS1300 Air Station Inflator

What is included in black and Decker asi300 Air Station inflator?

The ASI300 Air Station Inflator is covered by Included Components: Standard Nozzle needle inflator and extension nozzle, 120V Cord and Plug / 12V Cord and Plug Powerful and portable, the Black & Decker ASI300 Air Station Inflator is the portable solution to household and on-the-go inflation needs.

What does Black Decker inflator 20V Max do?

The BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX* Lithium Ion multi-purpose inflator handle inflation needs anywhere. The three power sources allow for inflation inside the home, on the road, or in the backyard. Its high-volume output quickly fills larger inflatables like rafts and air mattresses. Plus, the deflate function rapidly empties the air for quick clean up.

Is the asi300 Air Station inflator covered by warranty?

The ASI300 Air Station Inflator is covered by a two-year warranty. This portable air station inflator is easy to store in your car, boat, or garage–which means it will always on hand when and where you need it. Black & Decker ASI300

Where to buy black and decker air compressor parts?

Buy Black and Decker Air Compressor Parts direct from Tool Parts Direct. Shop online for the Black and Decker replacement Air Compressor Parts you need to repair top models of Black and Decker tools. Sort By …


This is a pretty good little machine if you are looking for an air compressor that offers a little more than just waiting in the boot for an emergency tire change.

For one thing, it comes with an adaptor to plug it into a wall outlet, along with a wide range of nozzle adaptors. This means you can use this tool for everything from tires on cars and trucks to bike and motorbike tires and even small jobs like sports balls.

The only downsides are the dial based user interface instead of a more high tech LCD screen version makes fine tuning adjustments in pressure a little harder than they should be.

For the money though, the sheer variety in functions this little tool can perform makes it easy to recommend.


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