“Biohazard” Full Face Matte Kids Motorcycle Helmet

Where can I buy a full face motorcycle helmet?

With options ranging from entry level DOT to higher safety ratings like Snell and ECE, you can find the perfect full face helmet to meet your needs. Below are some of the most popular full face sportbike helmets we carry at our store. For more information or questions concerning any of our styles or brands, Please give us a call at 1-800-630-6434.

Where can I buy a dirt bike helmet for my kid?

Always get your kid’s dirtbike helmet from a reputable company, checking the rating of the DOT certification- and never buy a helmet that hasn’t been certified. There are also SNELL certifications, which should be on the label inside the helmet, so feel free to check these if you can’t find the DOT-certification online.

Can a fullface bike helmet be swapped out for a night helmet?

Many fullface biker helmets have the ability to swap out visors for sunny day or night riding, and most include multiple ventilation openings to allow for more or less airflow as you see fit.

Is it safe for a child to wear a full face helmet?

Like with a motorcycle helmet, the best way to protect your child’s head is with a full face helmet, which is why we’ve rounded up the top kids full face helmets, proven safe for MTB purposes. There are certain considerations which need to come into play when choosing any safety-related product.


If you like to really feel the security of your kids motorcycle helmet, then the full-face option from Triangle would be your best bet. This looks and feel like one of the heaviest options on our list, with an extra-thick EPS liner and double PC anti-scratch visor that does an amazing job at giving your rider full visibility.

Again, the outer shell of this helmet is made from thermoplastic alloy and can handle almost any impact with ease, which does a great job of improving the overall safety of the helmet, which is DOT-certified.


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