Bike A Mile Continental Bike Tube

What kind of tube does a mountain bike use?

Road bike tubes and mountain bike tubes serve the same purpose, to create a seal in your bicycle tire. A bike tube is a butyl rubber or latex rubber balloon that is shaped like a donut and has a valve for inflation.

How big are inner tubes for a bike?

Bike inner tubes come in sizes from 12" up to 700c and different widths to suit any riders needs. Dealing with flats too often lately? Find options with thorn-resistant and self-sealing technology to kiss those flat tires goodbye.

What kind of wheelset do you need for a tubeless bike?

Hookless aero wheelset for the modern tubeless road bike incl. a set of Pirelli P ZERO tires and 2x sealant! Carbon gravel bike with SRAM Apex 1 components, Future Shock fork & 38mm Pathfinder Sport tires. Stylish protection of your bike frame from scratches, stone chips and friction.

What makes an old mountain bike a touring bike?

Vintage mountain bike frames are surprisingly similar to modern-day touring frames. Most old mountain bike frames include braze-ons- This allows you to easily mount racks and panniers as well as fenders. They are durable- These old mountain bikes are built to take a beating.


Our quest to find the best bike tubes led us to the Bike a Mile Continental Folding Tire. This is our best choice product and one of the very best bike tubes on the market today. According to many online reviews, Continental outdid themselves with the design of this unit, making use of high technologies and extremely durable materials. We love that these bike tubes come in a set of two. This means that users get to keep one as a spare for future emergencies. Talk about economical! Furthermore, the Continental bike tubes come with a reflector armband, which doesn’t only keep you recognizable at night but is also stylish enough.

As for its construction, these bike tubes are made with the best wear-optimized tread compound, which makes your unit durable enough to withstand use in snow, rain, and daily commutes to work. The design of its tread makes it suitable for use with road bike and mountain bike tires. Using the specialized PolyX Breaker puncture protection, these tubes aid in excellent puncture protection at all times. The Continental tubes also have the ultimate sidewall, also referred to as the DuraSkin which makes the unit as lightweight as possible, offering the best sidewall protection against flat tires and punctures. You can get the Continental bike tubes at an affordable rate, for all your daily commutes to and from work, and even sporting activities.


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