BigPantha Motorcycle Lock

What’s the best way to paint a bike lock?

The best scenario is for the lock to act as a deterrent and to put off a thief from coming anywhere near your bike. Many locks are painted in bright orange and yellow colors so it is very easy to see them, even in the dark. Hopefully, thieves will spot the lock and stay away.

What kind of lock does a motorcycle use?

The double deadbolt is also hardened and the disc-style cylinder has a reinforced anti-drill system. The lock is provided with three keys made from stainless steel. One doubles up as an LED torch and has a replaceable battery. This style of motorcycle grip lock works by clamping around the throttle, brake or handlebar.

Which is the best place to buy bike lock in India?

Choose a different delivery location. Are you looking for a high-quality lock for your bicycle? If yes, Amazon India is the best place to shop for the same from virtually anywhere. Our collection of bike locks has been so meticulously and carefully done, so there are locks available to meet everyone’s preference and requirement.

What’s the weight of a hiplok bike lock?

At 4.85 lb (2.2 kg), like all chains it’s pretty heavy. That’s around the same weight as 5.5 cans of Coke. But Hiplok chains are unique because you can wear them around your waist like a belt! This makes them much easier to carry than normal chain locks, which you generally have to wrap around your seat post.


This style of motorcycle grip lock works by clamping around the throttle, brake or handlebar. It opens a little like a crab’s claw and has two grips. One grips the throttle and the other grips the front brake lever so that it is de-activated. It can also be used to grip the clutch so that the bike cannot be put in gear. Your motorbike is effectively immobilized. It takes seconds to fit and is highly secure.

It comes with its own holster that will fix to your jeans so it is easy to store it when it is not in use. It will work on any handles that are up to 1.5 inches in diameter.


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