Bell Octopus Cup Holder

How to draw an octopus on a paper cup?

Take one of the paper cups and draw an octopus on it. You can sketch it with a pencil first so you can “fix” things if necessary. The head / body of the octopus needs to be wide an large enough (taking a greater portion of the cup). Once you are happy with your octopus craft design draw it with a black permanent marker.

What do you need to make an octopus craft?

This is a really easy octopus craft that’s SO simple for preschoolers. The only materials you really need are some coloured paper or card stock, a pen or pencil and some glue! It’s a cute activity to tie in with a sea life theme or World Ocean’s Day. It could even work as a squid craft!

How do you change the face of an octopus?

Place the cup with the octopus body on top of the cup with faces. Rotate the paper cups and have fun watching this paper cup octopus craft change it’s face. Become a member of Easy Peasy and Fun membership and gain access to our exclusive craft templates and educational printables.

What to do with a paper cup bell?

Cut a length of satin ribbon and tie it into a bow above the bead. The jingle bell should just be in the same level as the cup’s mouth. Adjust the length of the string, if necessary. Hang the bell as a Christmas tree ornament or use it as a musical instrument for Christmas performances and class activites.


A short but sweet option for those who like to place their cup holder anywhere in their car. While it may seem a little odd, reviews do note that this little car cup holder does well to stick wherever it’s placed. Better still, the wider base works well to maintain stability during rides and the addition of the springs allows for better grip to your mug or cups.

This is a fantastically affordable option that can easily be picked up and placed elsewhere without any fuss – ideal for hiding in the glove box when not in use, for example, or moving from car to car. Indeed, many users will take this cup holder for other uses, such as to avoid their drinks being knocked over by their cats.


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