Bedrug Bedliner

What kind of bed liner does bedrug use?

BedRug, Inc., warrants BedRug and VanRug for pickup trucks and vans to be free from defects in materials and workmanship. BedRug bedliners will be warranted for the duration of the vehicle ownership by the original BedRug purchaser.

Is there a warranty on bedrug truck liners?

Bedrug Truck Bed Liner’s ability to handle any cargo without compromise has earned it the ultimate seal of approval as a premium, authorized accessory for many brands of trucks. Bedrug Truck Bed Liner is back with a lifetime warranty. So… whether it is coolers or concrete… camping or construction equipment…

Do you need to drill a bed for bedrug?

In addition, BedRug will accommodate all factory and aftermarket bed accessories such as cargo management systems, bed extenders, tonneau covers or caps. No drilling, no sanding and no damage to the truck bed are necessary.

What kind of bed liner do I need for my truck?

The Bedrug Truck Bed Liner life style performance bed liner redefines the way owners use their truck. One day concrete blocks… the next precious antiques. Bedrug Truck Bed Liner handles it all.


We like the fact that the Raptor Truck Bed Liner Kit is simple to use and one kit will fully cover a medium to large truck bed. There are a number of different ways of applying the truck bed liner to your vehicle: you can either use a shutz spray gun, roller or brush. Each of these different methods will give you a very different textured finish.

The spray in bed liner also dries fast once applied and is UV resistant, scratch resistant and stain resistant too. The product forms a layer that will protect your truck from rust, corrosion, salt, damp and extreme temperatures. It is of course, waterproof too. Due to the flexible nature of the material it also helps to deaden sound and vibration.


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