Bamboo Skateboards Graphc Decks

What do you need to know about Bamboo Skateboards?

Bamboo skateboards are perfect for skaters that are passionate about free riding and carving. Their longboards are great for downhill racing and cruising at fast speeds. If you’re ready to push your skating to the next level, Bamboo is the brand for you! Give your board some additional lift with Bamboo skateboard riser pads.

Which is the best skateboard deck to buy?

For any beginner or pro skateboarder, this graphic deck will be one of the best skateboard decks for street. This Bamboo skateboard is made concave in style. It comes with ‘holes pre-cut’ so that the standard size skateboard trucks can fit perfectly. The use of the 6 ply Bamboo & Maple construction makes this deck sturdy and long-lasting.

Which is the strongest skateboard in the world?

Experience the incredible strength of a skate deck with the Powell-Peralta Skateboard Flight Deck. This skate deck is a flight deck, a kind of deck known for being thinner, stronger and lighter than even a 7 ply deck.

What kind of wood is a bamboo deck made of?

It’s called fused bamboo and is made up of almost 90% bamboo and the remaining 10% is phenolic bonding resin. At 3/4" thick and 5-3/8" wide and 6′ long and with end matched tongue and grooves to join them beautifully and securely it looks like its worth investigating further.


The Bamboo Skateboards Graph Decks come with cool skateboard deck designs that are guaranteed to catch any eye. With different styles, you can be sure to find a suitable design that fits your personal taste. The Bamboo Skateboards skate decks are made out of high quality bamboo wood. This means that these decks are very long lasting, and when it comes to durability, you can put your trust in it. The lightness and flexibility make this deck great for stunting, and coupled with its cool designs, no one would be able to keep their eyes off you at the skate park.

What’s more, this deck is built with seven ply bamboo and Maplewood which work together to not only improve the boards flexing and shock absorbing feature, but also improve the sustainability of the board so that what you have at the end of the day, is a board that can stand the test of time. It also features a deep concave deck design that delivers premium control riding – this is done to such a high level of control that you can performing tricks and take hard turns when skating with incredible ease and comfort.


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