BAL Deluxe Tire Chock

How does the Bal X Chock tire locking Chock work?

BAL X-Chock Tire Locking Chock starts off where the Deluxe Tire Locking Chock left off but it’s new, slimmer design will fit into more axle applications. It fits between tandem tires, it locks wheels by applying force to both tires. Aids in trailer stabilizing and prevents tire shifts.

What does X-Chock do for tandem tires?

Provides added stabilization and prevents tire shifts by applying opposing force to tandem tire applications. As opposed to other chocks, the X-Chock works with the tires’ natural movement instead of against them. Fits even the tightest of applications retracting down to 1 3/8” and extends to 10”.

Is there a warranty on the X Chock tire locking Chock?

As opposed to other chocks, the X-Chock works with the tires’ natural movement instead of against them and fits even the tightest of applications. Fully made in the USA. Manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty.

What kind of wheel chocks do you need?

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Created by BAL R.V. Products Group, this Deluxe Tire Chock doesn’t muck around when holding your RV in place. This style of chock – otherwise known as X-Chocks – should be placed between the tires and cranked up tight in comparison to the conventional spreader style lock. Not only is it simpler, this deluxe tire spreader comes with a hand-operated plated ratchet wrench, making the set up even easier.

Able to extend from 2.5 inches to a commendable 10 inches, this chock is manufactured to resist minimal wear and tear thanks to its rust-inhibitive coating. The expanders make full connection with the trailer tires, leading to excellent stability and no roll. You’ll notice the difference and feel no front-to-back movement.


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