BACtrack Mobile Smartphone Breathalyzer

How big is the BACtrack Mobile breathalyzer pack?

Size:1 Pack. One of the most accurate personal breathalyzers on the market, the award-winning BACtrack Mobile integrates a smartphone and a police-grade breathalyzer to bring breath alcohol content (BAC) to your Apple iPhone, Google or Samsung brand Android device, wirelessly via Bluetooth.

How does the BACtrack Mobile blood alcohol test work?

Blow into the BACtrack Mobile or BACtrack Vio Smartphone Breathalyzer and your estimated Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) results are transmitted wirelessly via Bluetooth® to your iOS or Android device.

Which is the best breathalyzer app for iPhone?

The award-winning BACtrack Mobile Pro integrates a smartphone app and professional-grade breathalyzer to bring blood alcohol content (BAC) wirelessly to your device.

What is the best mobile breathalyzer for detecting trace amounts of alcohol?

BACtrack pro-grade models (like the BACtrack mobile smartphone breathalyzer) can accurately detect trace amounts of alcohol and reliably handle very high BACs. Pro-grade models produce the most consistent and reliable results.


With this device, you can convert your smartphone into a personal breathalyzer in seconds. The connection is via Bluetooth so there are no wires to worry about and the function is operated through an app. It’s suitable for use with any iPhone or Android phone and with Apple watches.

It works quickly to give you an estimated blood alcohol content figure. You can quickly measure if you are safe to drive a vehicle. As it delivers police-grade accuracy, you know you can rely on the results. Once your blood alcohol content has returned to zero, the ZeroLine technology will let you know. The device has a 1-year warranty.


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