AUTOSAVER88 Front and Rear Jeep Wrangler Grab Bars

Where can I get grab handles for my Jeep Wrangler?

Here are the best grab handles from Rugged Ridge and Mopar for your Wrangler. We carry ones that install anywhere on your Jeep, including the roll bar and head rest. Check them all out to see which one best fits the needs of your passengers. Not Sure What You Need?

What do you need to know about Jeep grab bars?

Jeep grab bars may be stainless steel and can be mounted replace the factory installed options, or at the front edge of the door. They may be longer than the original equipment and can have replaceable rubber grips for better hold. Rear grab bars can make use of any stable narrow space.

What is the best way to attach a jeep grab handle to the windshield?

Choose from sport bar mounted or windshield frame mounted handles and soft neoprene or paracord wrapped handles or solid steel handles. There are options to fit every Jeep and every style.

Why do you need roll bar handles on Jeep Wrangler?

While they’re often an overlooked feature, Jeep roll bar handles are actually rather important when it comes to the overall safety and comfort of any passengers you might have while you’re on the go. These handles offer passengers a way to support themselves and keep themselves anchored when the going gets rough.


AUTOSAVER88 pride themselves on securing the best, most affordable deals for their customers. That’s why they’re proud to resent their four front and rear grab bars that are available at a steal. These bars come with all the included nuts, bolts, and even a wrench to make fitting simplistic.

Their stunning design – that is, 3/4-inches of solid, ergonomically constructed aluminum alloy, including dual layer rubber grips – will make yourself and your passengers feel incredibly secure. Plus, the bar itself is powder coated to ensure UV protection: it’s not a wonder that these bars have a lifetime warranty!


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