Auto Ventshade 21681 Hoodflector

Where does the name Auto ventshade come from?

Categories. AVS, the Auto Ventshade Company, can trace its roots to Jacksonville, Florida in 1935, when they began manufacturing their namesake product the auto Ventshade. AVS Ventshade window deflectors allowing a car window to be opened for fresh air circulation while preventing the entry of rain seem like a simple device,…

Do you need ventshade hood scoop for bug shield?

This bug shield comes in the standard smoked look, or a clear model for most applications that be painted the color of the body of your vehicle-or any other color you might want. Installation is easy, with no drilling. The Ventshade Hood Scoop is an easy way to add aggressive good looks to your car or truck.

What kind of ventshade do I need for my car?

The Ventshade Hood Scoop is an easy way to add aggressive good looks to your car or truck. With a variety of models to choose from, you’ll find a Ventshade Hood Scoop that is perfect for your vehicle, whether it’s a carbon-fiber look for your Honda Civic, or a drag race monster scoop.

Which is the best hood shield for ventvisors?

If you want all the benefits of Ventvisors but with a sleeker, lower profile, these In-Channel Ventvisors are for you. They offer the same protection against the elements while… Aeroskin II™ Matte Black Hood Shield by AVS®.


A leading manufacturer in the vehicle accessory industry is Auto Ventshade. It is a family of like-minded engineers and designers with a love for all things car related. It strives to make cars look beautiful at all times and also designs items to offer maximum protection to all parts of your vehicle. We love their latest addition, the Auto Ventshade 21681 Hood Reflector. Out of all the models in the market, this has the most impressive design. It is built to suit all Toyota Tacoma vehicles, so it features a unique and distinct, custom-molded design with precision engineering to ensure a perfect fit. 

The Tacoma hood deflector unit has a lower-profile design that offers your car protection against dust, sand, and mud, as well as road debris that might get into contact with your vehicle. The 21681 deflector is American made, and it comes with one of the best lifetime warranties available. We recommend this bug deflector to all car owners who want ultimate protection. Durability is a specific asset with this shield, thanks to its impact-modified material. The same material also does a great job of making your hood shield wear and tear-resistant. If you want to install your unit, the process is straightforward and comfortable with the Auto Ventshade deflector. A deflector set comes with installation instructions, clear rubber bumpers, and the required installation hardware.


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