Auto Dynasty Factory Style Fender Flares

What are premium OEM style fender flares made for?

Premium OEM Style Fender Flares are manufactured to the highest standards, just like quality original equipment fender flares. These Fender Flares offer exceptional value, durability and ease of installation. They are precision molded for a unique tailored fit on each vehicle model, and the black matte finish is ready to paint to match.

Is there warranty on Ruien fender flares?

You will also receive a two-year warranty with your purchase and an installation manual. The Ruien fender flares are an affordable option for sedan cars and come in a set of four. They are compatible with wider car tires and provide comprehensive protection to the windows and body especially during rainy weather.

When to put fender flares on a truck?

If you’re looking to up the wow factor of your truck, consider an off-color set of fender flares that match exterior trim enhancements such as a new grille guard, or a set of side rails. Fender flares will likely be just one of the upgrades you add to your truck. Choose the flares that look best, and you’ll love the new appearance of your truck.

How long does it take to ship fender flares?

Details 4Pcs 3.1"/80mm Universal Flexible Car Fender Flares Extra Wide Body Wheel Arches … . Usually ships within 2 to 3 days. . 14 & FREE Shipping . Details . .


Auto Dynasty have a bestseller on their hands in the form of smooth wheel fender flares. These flares cater to Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra owners who are in search of a rugged design that matches their ride. Large tires require additional coverage especially when it comes to driving down rocky terrain. The Auto Dynasty truck fender flares were designed with off-roading in mind and are made from tough ABS thermo plastic that is resistant to breakage and will serve your vehicle well in the presence of mud and muck along the trail. These flares come in a matte black finish, but you have the freedom to change their color to better match your ride.


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