Attwood 9093-5 Battery Tray

How tall is the battery tray Attwood 9093-5?

It is designed to hold a 27/27M Series battery up to 10 1/2 inches tall. The molded base mounts easily with 4 #10 panhead fasteners, and the battery remains easily accessible for charging or replacing. The polypropylene hold-down strap has a positive-locking, quick-disconnect buckle.

What kind of batteries do Attwood marine batteries hold?

Holds 24 and 24M series batteries. Attwood Battery Hold Down Trays are designed to be used with standard batteries (24/24M & 27/27M series) including Gould 800 Delco Voyager. The adjustable-height crossbar holds the battery in place.

Can a battery tray be used as a battery box?

When batteries are damaged, acid can leak from the battery and cause corrosion on metal parts of your engine compartment. Using a battery tray can keep the acid off of other parts of your vehicle. If you need additional protection, a battery box can be used to completely enclose the battery.


The Attwood 90993-5 Battery Tray is our final product from the Attwood camp in this article. We have been exposed to the marvelous performance of this brand; thus, this item needs no lengthy introduction. Much like its predecessors, it is built with heavy-duty polypropylene which is coated to enhance its durability.

The Attwood battery box features a molded bade which allows for easy mounting of the case onto your boat. It is very straightforward to install and operate and can fit into many limited spaces without any hassle. If you wish to charge or replace your battery, you can do it quickly and swiftly even when it is within this case. The box accommodates a wide variety of battery sizes, and it comes with hold-down straps which keep your case firmly in place at all times. This impressive tray from Attwood features a positive looking quick disconnect buckle and mounting hardware which allows for easy set up at no extra cost. Make use of this battery box to ensure that your battery is kept in the right conditions all day long.


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