ARRIS Ice Pack for Lower Back Pain

Is the Arris ice pack Safe to use?

The nontoxic ankle gel packs are reusable, leak-proof and latex-free. ★【100% Safe and Easy to Use】- FDA registered and approved, the ARRIS hot and cold therapy foot and ankle wrap can help you relieve pain caused by injuries, sprains, arthritis and more!

Can a gel ice pack help with back pain?

Heat therapy and cold therapy are low-cost yet effective ways to reduce many types of back and neck pain. Here are some easy ways to make reusable heat or cold packs so you can get quick relief. Homemade gel ice packs are easy to make and handy to have around when you need them. Cold therapy can help reduce swelling, pain and inflammation.

Which is the best ice pack for injuries?

Available in a range of sizes, the Koolpak Deluxe Hot and Cold Gel Pack is ideal for treating a wide range of injuries including sprains, strains, bumps and bruises. Use it as a cold gel pack following a sports injury, or heat it up in a microwave to increase blood flow, promote healing and relaxation (this is also great for lower back pain).

What to put in the freezer for back pain?

Wet a sponge and put in the freezer. After it is frozen, take it out and put it in a baggie, then wrap it in a sock or a towel before applying it to the sore back. Rice. Another alternative is to fill a sock with rice and place it in the freezer, as rice will get as cold as ice but does not melt when used.


This effective back brace incorporates an ice/heat pack. The universal fit of this smart lower back brace is well designed, and the neoprene fabric plus dual elastic fixture bands are flexible but keep you and your lumbar region feeling secure. Worn without the pack insert, this is a great all-round compression brace when your lower back needs a little extra support when you’re at the gym, while driving, or to keep pain pangs away when you are working. You can dial up the relief using the removable heat wrap or ice pack. It’s simple but effective like all the best ideas!


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