Apex Zero-G RV Hybrid Hose

What is the intended use for the zero-g water hose?

What is the intended use for the zero-G water hose? Zero-G can be used for all RV & Marine applications as well as light professional needs, such as filling containers, mixing concrete, cleaning and drinking water. What replacement coupling can be used with the zero-G product?

Is the teknor apex 4006-50 a zero g hose?

From the manufacturer Teknor Apex Company 4006-50 Hose Zero-G 1/2X50 Rv/Marine Research with hose purchasers overwhelmingly indicates a preference for hoses which offer light weight, easy handling, kink resistance and lasting performance. The zero-G advanced hose design takes these must-haves to a higher level than ever before

How to repair a hole in a zero g apex hose?

complete process for repairing a hole in a zero g apex hose. same process can be applied to any compact shrinking hose or whatever you call them

Is the Zero G hose easy to coil up?

The Zero-G hose, once the water pressure is removed, becomes very pliable. This makes it very easy to coil up and put away compared to a standard hose. I am very happy with this purchase.


We wanted to include this product on our list as we felt that it was different from many of the others we found on the market. The special hybrid design of this drinking water hose means that it’s 40% lighter than standard heavy-duty vinyl hoses. This hose has been specially designed for a better all-round performance and features a Tru-Flex Inner Core which prevents annoying kinks and twists. It also has a special G-Force High Density Jacket which ensures durability and a new coupling design for reliable connections. It’s lead-free and produces completely safe drinking water. Not the cheapest product on our list, we did feel that the extra cost was worth it however as it’s one of the best rv water hose products on our list. 


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