Andersen Aluminum Ultimate Fifth Wheel Hitch

How are fifth wheel hitches work?

How Fifth Wheel Hitches Work. If the fifth wheel hitch is properly installed in the bed of the pickup, the weight of the trailer will press down between the cab of the truck and the rear axle .

Are fifth wheel hitches Universal?

CURT 5th wheel base rails are universal, meaning they can be used with any 5th wheel trailer hitch and in virtually any truck bed able to accept a 5th wheel hitch.

What is a 5th Wheel Attachment?

5th Wheel Attachment. The fork-mounted 5th Wheel Attachment provides a simple and effective means of moving and rearranging trailers and chassis. Three versions of the attachment are available that range in capacity, providing options for moving empty chassis, chassis with mounted empty containers, chassis with mounted full containers, and trailers efficiently.


Another exceptionally manufactured fifth wheel hitch is the Anderson 3220 Wheel Hitch. First, it’s very lightweight. Lesser weight translates into less difficulty when you install, attach, or remove the hitch wheel from your truck. This hitch is adjustable, heavy duty, and has a greaseless coupler, which is highly effective.

The Anderson 3220 features three adjustments that help you adjust its height to suit your needs. The adjustment feature together with the wheel hitch’s greaseless coupler ensure that this unit doesn’t get your hands stained with dirt and other messy materials. It requires five minutes for installation, and it is a durable and a highly compatible fifth wheel hitch overall.


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