Allstar Steel Battery Tray

What are some of the best Battery trays for cars?

Battery Tray (C677203) by United Pacific®. This premium product by United Pacific is meticulously designed and road tested to provide passion-driven car enthusiasts with the ultimate blend of quality, style, performance, and value…. Battery Tray (C475501) by United Pacific®.

What are the dimensions of a single battery tray?

Steel Single Battery Trays – WELD-IN OR BOLT-IN. 1 RuffStuff Steel Battery Tray. RuffStuff Single Battery Tray Specs Inside dimensions 6 7/8" W x 9 3/4" L x 6 5/8" H Weight 7 lbs Fits these Optima … 2 Trail-Gear Steel Battery Tray. 3 Randy Ellis Designs Steel Battery Tray. 4 Speedway Motors Universal Battery Tray.

What does a battery tray on a tractor do?

Battery tray protects your utility vehicle or tractor battery against impacts and leaked battery acid. Internal reservoir safely collects spilled acid. Molded plastic is impact and UV resistant. Battery tie-down strap and mounting hardware included. Kwikee RV Battery Tray – 24" Long x 15-13/16" Wide – Steel – 200 lbs – Gray

Which is better aluminum or Steel Battery trays?

Battery trays are pretty simple, but there are a few differences among the manufacturers out there: Steel battery trays are easy to mount in a custom setup since you can weld right to them. Sheetmetal aluminum battery trays aren’t as common and are going to be flimsier than their steel counterparts.


Among battery cases and other automotive accessories, the Allstar brand reigns supreme. This is one of the most significant companies in the industry today, with their production of top-class and high-quality gadgets. It is a deep and lightweight unit designed from heavy-duty steel material. This battery case is easy to mount and comes with all the mounting hardware you require to make installation easier.  Once a purchase is made, this box can be bolted or welded onto its frame for use.

The Allstar battery case is a short style model backed by a superior 90-day money-back guarantee, and a feature activated only when the user isn’t satisfied with the cases’ performance. We recommend this battery tray from Allstar for all individuals seeking the best battery case for their automobiles. It is mighty user friendly, pleasing to the eye and very affordable, traits we admire in every product on the market.


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