ALEX Discover Button Art Travel Toy For Toddlers

How many buttons are in Alex discover button art?

ALEX Discover Button Art comes with over 40 buttons and 10 pictures for hours of artistic fun. This toy is designed for preschoolers to develop hand eye coordination, fine motor skills and creative thinking. It also comes with a wide storage tray to keep everything together.

What does Alex Toys Little Hands button art set do?

It comes with over 40 buttons and 10 pictures providing kids hours of artistic fun and entertainment. This ALEX Toys button art set is part of the Little Hands Skill Builder series and is designed for preschool-aged children to help them develop their hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and creative thinking.

What do Alex discover toys and games do?

ALEX Discover toys, games and kits are made specifically to prepare preschoolers for their first day of school. Products to help teach your child the basic skills needed to be a classroom leader and art supplies to foster the skills necessary to impress the other kids at the craft table.

What are Alex discover Tots art start toys?

ALEX Toys is a member of the ALEX Brands Family of products. ALEX Discover Tots Art Start lets you have fun introducing art to your toddler and preschooler. Everything is included for 6 great activities.


Running along similar lines to the Skoolzy peg board is ALEX Toys button art. While there’s less freedom in terms of stacking and sorting, this item makes up for it with ten different boards- all with a focus on color matching. Discover Button Art is a great middle-ground for those who are slightly past the point of shape-sorting and just below the ability to complete puzzles. All they need to do is match up the color of the button with the color of the board behind it.

Great for hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and creativity, the wide storage tray will hold the 40 buttons that come with this set and the entire toy can be easily cleaned up and placed aside when not in use.


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